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Paladin Multi-Search v1.1.1
   The first open source project by N2R solutions Paladin Multi Search, a seemingly small software but packs quite a punch.
          Powered by Microsoft .NET Framework this is a customized search bar which gives you the power of 6 different search engines (including Web, Image and Video options) right at your own Desktop!!! 
version 1.0 was released on 12th October 2013
version 1.1.1 was released under w3c license on 28th November 2013

Paladin Multi-Search is an attempt to combine the power of several search engines into one application that allows you to search for anything, including images and videos, as well as to conveniently switch between engines when you need to.The principle that Paladin Multi-Search works upon can return great results, if exploited the right way. By embedding some of the most popular search engines, it simplifies  tedious web search tasks, managing to appeal to a very wide audience. Sporting a simple design, Paladin Multi-Search holds all of its features inside the main window, in plain sight. Just under the field dedicated to the search terms, two menus are located, allowing you to select the search engine, as well as the target type of content (web, images or videos).
          Attractive features, cool looks and super user friendly makes Paladin worth a try once. For all you programmers with a soft corner for C#.NET out there, this project will give you an idea about:

                             .Net Framework 2.0 .
            Internet Connection .

What's new in Paladin Multi-Search 1.1.1:

  • Google & yahoo is now redirect to corresponding user's country server.
  • more attractive looks with a new background and splash screen.
  • bug fixed.

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